This 2.5 hr. course allows for personal hands-on attention in a relaxed classroom environment. Low student to instructor ratio is designed around the fundamental skills behind the safe use and handling of handguns, and defensive shooting. Other subjects covered in this course include selection, ammunition, gear, and storage. This is a great class if you are getting ready to buy a handgun and want a better understanding to make an informed purchase. It’s also a great class for those just wanting to get more familiar with their gun, or brush up on the basics before a CPL class.

Pistol being racked loaded handgun

This course runs 2.5 hours.

Cost: $45

Some of the topics covered: handgun safety, operation, single action vs double action, revolvers & semi auto, sights, grips, and triggers. Handgun fundamentals (stance, grip, aim, trigger pull, proper site alignment),  Handgun selection, ammunition, storage, and gadgets.